Q. Why use Active Debt Management?

A. Many of your debtors will act quickly towards
A. ADM, being a third party. Consistency in the
A. debt management will secure good working
A. relationships and promote prompt payment of
A. debts owed to your business. Using our
A. collection service will allow you to proactively
A. manage your business knowing that the
A. debts are being managed in a professional
A. manner.

Q. Will the company save on expense?

A. Yes the fees are fixed and known, allowing
A. you to manage these costs through your cash
A. flow and forecasts; this will benefit
A. businesses through the ability to manage
A. fixed costs, saving time and expense, with no
A. hidden fees. Using ADM also saves on
A. internal costs; using internal resources within
A. the business for debt collection creates an
A. annual expense, ADM seek to lower internal
A. costs and maximise your cash flow.

Q. What can I expect from Active Debt
Q. Management?

A. Total transparency of your debts, weekly
A. reports confirming the status of each invoice,
A. when payments are expected and received, if
A. there are any issues for none payment these
A. are brought to your attention, confirmed and
A. resolved efficiently in order to allow payments
A. on time. Whilst the working capital of the
A. business is one of our companies upmost
A. priorities as is the working relationship
A. between you and your clients. With ADM you
A. can expect professional customer
A. service and working relationships upheld to
A. the highest of standards to promote good
A. working standards for your business,
A. maintaining your reputation amongst
A. clientele.

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